10011305_425561127547388_1156361384_nLife was going to be rough for this beautiful mama cat. Abandoned by her human parents and nursing only a week old kittens, she would probably go hungry for weeks.

We received a call about her from another rescue. A female cat with her litter was left in a box inside an abandoned house in Newark. Deana, the co-founder of Final Hope, immediately went to check it out. She found the house and inside it a carton box… moldy and surrounded by garbage. When she peered inside, she saw 4 little kittens and a young mama cat.

The story of the mother and her little babies is unknown. She might have been left behind by her human parents when they moved out, or maybe she was abandoned on the streets of Newark, looked for a shelter and found it there. One thing is certain: she wasn’t a feral cat. When Deana picked her up from the box, she was calm and happy to feel the human touch.

Mama cat was dehydrated, exhausted and so hungry she gulped down a can of wet food in seconds. She will be transported to a foster home, where she can have all she needs to care for her little ones.


Check out the photos of this beautiful family!


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