How You Can Help

VetFinal Hope Animal Rescue currently gives shelter to over 30 cats and kittens, providing them with medical care, love and affection, food, and socialization, while looking for suitable forever homes.

In addition, Final Hope is actively involved in ongoing TNR programs that focus on limiting the feral cats population.  Thanks to our spay/neuter efforts, the feral cat colonies enjoy a healthy and fulfilled life in nature, while staying in a symbiotic and mutually beneficial relationship with their human neighbors.

We would like to invite you to be a part of our efforts in helping stray cats enjoy their natural habitat and by providing the neglected animals the help they deserve.


Here is how you can help us do more for NJ animals:


Final Hope operates strictly from donations. Our ability to rescue homeless animals and help feral cat colonies is entirely in your hands. We operate at ZERO administrative cost. Every penny goes to the NJ homeless cats and dogs.


GetInvolvedGet Involved

Volunteer or become a foster home for our rescue cats and kittens. One of the greatest obstacle to helping animals is lack of foster homes. We also need volunteers to participate in Trap Neuter, Release projects, adoption and fundraising events.