For those of you have not visited our rescue, here are some photos of our cats that find a temporary home or a long term sanctuary with Final Hope. All our cats live in a cage-free environment, unless they are new or injured and need to be temporarily enclosed.



Cats in this room have been rescued during a TNR at the recycling plant in Newark, NJ. We wanted to return them within 3 days from the surgery but it was the middle of winter and the snow storm hit hard! We let them roam around the room until the weather got better. To our surprise, after being released from their traps, many of them turned into love bugs! They are staying with our rescue for now, waiting for forever homes.





Deana and Anthony take care of them every day, change litter boxes, feed them, change water. Now, Moira comes once a day and helps us out. Here she is feeding them with their favorite dry food. We are always looking for volunteers to help with caring for the animals.





The day I was taking the pictures, we just took in Rudy. UCFCC in Union City, NJ found this poor guy. They took him to the vet but needed some place for him to stay and recover. On the photo below, he just came from the vet, still drowsy from anesthesia. He is now with us. Deana, Anthony and Moira will feed, medicate and care for him until he is fully recovered and released back.



In the same room, we have 2 newcomers as well. Hansel and Gretel, a mom and her kitten, that we just found a few days ago. They need to be tested for FIV and FeLV before they can join our remaining cats. They are eager to get out. Mama is very friendly, the baby keeps his distance for now  🙂






And here is yet another room, where all of our adoption ready kitties hang out.




On my way out, I see some of the Newark cats reclining by the window after dinner. They have food, bed and security.. They seem happy. All they need now is a forever home.




You can help our rescue cats by 

1. Donating food and litter, but also beds, litter boxes, cat trees (they love them!). Here is our Amazon Wish List . Or you can mail directly to 6 Congress street, Jersey City, NJ.

2. Becoming a monthly member for as little as $5 to help pay for medical expenses

3. Becoming a volunteer: cleaning, feeding, and playing with our cats





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