tuxedo_kittenFive tuxedo babes popped their little furry heads from the surrounding greenery. Some of them were brave enough to join adults at the feeding station, others were peeking at the trays of food from the distance.

This was the first litter of the season and we were lucky to find foster homes for 4 kittens. One by one, they stepped into a trap lured by an appetizing smell of canned sardines. We were able to catch all but one, a little fellow that seemed too shy or too scared to venture out.

At 6 to 8 weeks, kittens still regularly nurse a few times a day, and although more and more independent, they are close to their mom. It is always a difficult choice to trap them at that age, but with a kitten season in full bloom, scarce foster homes and the number of kittens that turn up each week, securing their future is the priority.

Fortunately, people love kittens and many will jump at the occasion to care for a purring baby. This sweet boy was in a foster home for just 5 days before he found his new family that was excited and eager to welcome their new member.






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